92b45b70-38c1-4e0f-9a8e-aa5ece392fa2I used to feel it was all scripted

Like those old war movies

No one can believe demons live among us

Or am I dreaming?

We are suffering and smiling

We are suffering and deceived to continue in it

Getting what we deserve 

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This is way beyond motivation, this is reality

Picture me ten years younger with my face still hard and black as now

Taking a bunch of Novels across the University gate.

Messing with Campus securities like mama ain’t teach me manners

Trying to see more vices like I’m headed to Drips one day

I can’t judge me, I’m just trying to understand then

‘Cause I used to pop pills, pouring pinks in my Sprite bottle

Had me feel in my Closet like I’m runnin’ real shit

I was bright but corny af, my English teacher used to feel the crap I sieve

For them it might bury me, I had my whole family mad at me

Yet I had this side of me willing to learn, hoping to be the real deal

Rolled with uncles that made drinking a tradition, I never tasted it cuz my dad was an alcoholic.

I always wanted to be better and never loved to associate with negativity

Starlight to UnderG was a strolling track for me.

Got messed by some cultist, wanted the dark side of me

All story short I found my great click, took time to gel but sure a matrix S.M.S

Mentality changed, living changed

How can I pledge allegiance to the flag

When they killin’ all our sons, all our women?

I come from a place, when you kill your own brother you can brag for doing it for some cows

The odds against you and they double stacked, stay woke

Will buy my mom a new crib, that’s some gangster shit

From depending to independent, not sure I can say that about my dear Country

Had my SARS ishh at Dugbe Mall, messed me up with my girl, well we’ve x things up

I hope she don’t get karma too

My homie being screaming out at our corner that don’t go deep in love

Screamin’ out at your homie, nigga, she’s not a dog

But always see on Twitter, Men are scum.

Jumping all the obstacles, I’m way too wavy

Said I would lose boy you way too crazy

Just this evening my friend did a poll on Marriage and Responsibilities

All I could remember was this lines that says ”Pick and choose either fame or the money, fame will make you crazy”

And the money will make them bad bitches say, “Thank you, baby”

You’re welcome

Stay Woke Brothers and Sisters

@MoAdetule everywhere

Love Yours 1

love yours

There is nothing in life like all-round best, there is always going to be someone ahead, or even if you got no one ahead you would have one defect or the other. We are not created to be perfect, we are created to live a progressive life in purpose and obedience and in all we do we should influence others positively not in exploitation, oppression and greed. Continue reading “Love Yours 1”



Welcome to 2018, the year of achieving dreams and being more real with the concentration on areas of life that is neglected but important that needs to be brought to life.

In all you do please be calm and learn this year in humility because it’s a start of a new dawn of true achievements and success.

Knowing that we are all craving for excellence this New Year, but my question is ‘are we ready to pay the price?’

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